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I'm Michael,
nice to meet you!

Michael Petersen has been in the real estate industry since 2012. He started his real estate career as a residential Realtor in Des Moines, IA. Soon after that, he realized he really liked investment real estate and began to specialize in multifamily, development, flipping, and short-term rentals. Since then he has sold millions of dollars of real estate, flipped countless homes in multiple states, redeveloped historical buildings, built real estate investment portfolios, started a real estate team, and relocated to Colorado in 2020. Michael's goal has been to provide value to his clients looking to buy/sell their homes. Teach people how to invest and grow in real estate and teach other business owners how to start and maintain successful businesses. 

Michael credits much of his success to his Midwest values and ability to execute plans at a high level. Finding success at an early age never took away from what matters most to him which is his family. He is a father of two and happily married. Finding a work-life balance is hard, but being a great husband and father takes the first priority. 

If you know Michael you know he loves and is passionate about his businesses and doing business with great people. He wants to share and help others find success through real estate. With a successful track record and continued growth, there's no wonder why so many people work with Michael and Next Avenue Partners every year. 

Work With Next Avenue Partners 

Image by Colin Lloyd


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