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Matt Petersen


Matt Petersen Real Estate Agent

Matt Petersen, a successful agent at Next Avenue Partners Real Estate Team, brings a wealth of diverse experience to his role. Over the past decade, he has engaged in various aspects of the real estate industry. As a project manager, Matt has successfully overseen multimillion-dollar redevelopment and renovation projects, demonstrating exceptional skills in budgeting, time management, and coordinating labor and materials.

Furthermore, Matt has honed his skills in property management through ownership roles, where he effectively managed hundreds of both long and short-term rental units. With such comprehensive experience, it's clear why his clients trust and value his expertise. Matt continues to leverage his vast knowledge to provide top-tier service in the real estate market.

Matt Petersen is not just valued for his real estate expertise, but also for his calm and amiable demeanor that resonates with many clients. He prioritizes educating his clients, ensuring they fully comprehend the intricacies of the buying and selling process. While Matt's focus is primarily on residential real estate, he also possesses considerable knowledge in investment real estate, with a special emphasis on multifamily and short-term rentals. His well-rounded skills and approachable nature make him a trusted advisor in the real estate industry.

Hailing from Huxley, a small town in central Iowa, Matt Petersen grew up embodying traditional values and a strong belief in the golden rule. Although the Midwest holds a special place in his heart, Matt now calls Colorado Springs home. His passion for real estate is reflected in his dedication to serving as a full-time Realtor. He relishes in assisting his clients throughout their property buying and selling journeys, making their experiences as seamless and successful as possible.


Matt Petersen Real Estate Agent

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